The changelog since release 105-902 until minor release 105-941, which happened in May 2022.


  • enable 3D and cubemaps for luatextures
  • Spring.GetRender{Units,Features} now support GL4 CUS.
  • add Spring.Clear{Units,Features}PreviousDrawFlag() → nil
  • add Spring.GetRender{Units,Features}DrawFlagChanged(bool returnMasks = false) → changedIDs[, changedMasks]


  • Add new Spring.GetTimerMicros() → number, which gets timers in usec precision
  • Spring.DiffTimers now takes a fourth arg, if you want usec precision in millisecond numbers, and passed in microsec level timers


  • added a new ‘b’ designator for yardmaps to declare an area that is buildable, but is not walkable. This allows for the current method of upgradable buildings to create a locking pattern that won’t break pathing.
  • add group [subcommand] N action handlers where subcommand is one of add, set, selecttoggle, selectadd, or selectclear. This allows for more granular group binding control than groupN (which checks for keyboard modifiers in the action). When subcommand is not present, select group N.
  • Skirmish AI: call PostLoad() after load event and only if loadSupported != yes
  • accept an integer quality argument in screenshot action, as in screenshot [format] [quality].

Written by: sprunk