Module Platform

Platform constants

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Platform specific information



Platform specific information


  1. gpu string full GPU device name
  2. gpuVendor string one of "Nvidia", "Intel", "ATI", "Mesa", "Unknown"
  3. glVersionShort string major.minor.buildNumber
  4. glslVersionShort string major.minor
  5. glVersion string full version
  6. glVendor string
  7. glRenderer string
  8. glslVersion string full version
  9. glewVersion string
  10. osName string full name of the OS
  11. osFamily string one of "Windows", "Linux", "MacOSX", "FreeBSD", "Unknown"
  12. numDisplays number
  13. gpuMemorySize number size of total GPU memory in MBs; only available for "Nvidia", (rest are 0)
  14. sdlVersionCompiledMajor number
  15. sdlVersionCompiledMinor number
  16. sdlVersionCompiledPatch number
  17. sdlVersionLinkedMajor number
  18. sdlVersionLinkedMinor number
  19. sdlVersionLinkedPatch number
  20. glSupportNonPowerOfTwoTex bool
  21. glSupportTextureQueryLOD bool
  22. glSupport24bitDepthBuffer bool
  23. glSupportRestartPrimitive bool
  24. glSupportClipSpaceControl bool
  25. glSupportFragDepthLayout bool